What is New to Me?

“New to Me” is a people-powered map to help you find vintage & second-hand stores, upcycling designers, flea markets, DIY and craft workshops, maker spaces and repair shops in your hometown or around the world. It is a simple tool designed to offer you great alternatives to buying new, tell you where you can save or repair your favourite clothes and gadgets, and even learn new skills along the way.

How does it work?

Our goal is to map as many locations as possible and to always keep the information up to date. This is a big undertaking because there are thousands, if not millions of locations around the world. This is where you come in. We hope that you will help us populate the map and keep it growing.

What you can do?

Promote your favourite local vintage stores, second-hand, DIY and craft workshops and repair shops. When you travel and spot a great place, make a note of the name and address and it to New To Me. This is a user-generated tool so you can login and enter the locations yourself. If you notice that some of the information is wrong or outdated, write a comment or contact us. We will make sure that we make the necessary corrections. By combining our efforts, we can stretch all the way around the world. Lets see how far we can go, by caring, sharing & repairing!


A global campaign to rethink how we make, buy and use

The companies who are making our favourite fashion and gadgets have failed to deal with their growing impact on the planet, relying on a resource intensive, exploitative and unfair business model. From workers using hazardous chemicals to factories fueled by dirty energy, from products designed not to last to millions or gadgets and clothes just thrown away each year, the model is in serious need of an upgrade.

Every week we are confronted with a new trend, another “latest, greatest product”. Brands sell us the myth that we are defined by what we shop, reducing us to being consumers instead of humans.

We love fashion and we love our technology, but it is time to change our relationship with “New” and the products we own.

How? We want to inspire change in how we, as people, appreciate the wealth of awesome products that are already in the world. Instead of carelessly consuming and disposing, we want to challenge you to be an active, empowered member of our global community sharing knowledge and goods in a smarter way. Let’s support each other and build the world t we deserve to live in!

First steps: the solution to fashion & IT pollution

Since 2011, Greenpeace has been pressuring the textile industry to stop using hazardous chemicals. We have secured global Detox commitments from 79 international brands (link to Catwalk), retailers and suppliers and triggered policy changes in the Europe and Asia. We couldn’t have done this without pressure from people around the world.

At the same time, Greenpeace has been demanding big IT companies to phase out toxic chemicals from our electronic gadgets, use renewable energy to produce them and design them to be easily repaired and recycled. Following our demands, companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have already made steps in the right direction.

Cleaning up the production system is great, but we need to buy less

While phasing out hazardous chemicals from the products we buy and powering their manufacturing with renewable energy is a big step, consumption around the world is skyrocketing. Each year over 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide – and many of these clothes are only worn a few times before being thrown away. Meanwhile, can you believe that 7.1 billion smartphones have been produced in just about 10 years, and the average use time is only 2 years? Pushed by brands to always buy the latest, tiny upgrade or variation, our rate of consumption gets faster and faster. This uses up way too many precious resources of our shared planet.

Let’s care, share and repair

We can break this chain with the everyday choices we make. Every time we make an effort to give a longer life to the clothes and gadgets we have bought into this world instead of dumping and rebuying, it saves precious natural resources. If we share by buying second hand, reuse and repair our clothes and devices, we can not only save money, but take a small step towards saving our planet. Exercise your people power, populate and use this map!